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Jun 16

Cyril Walrond

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Hello, my name is Cyril Walrond and I am a loving and committed grandson, son, nephew, brother, uncle, and a loyal friend who is a dedicated community organizer, activist, advocate, and a devoted ambassador for Christ. A man of deep faith and conviction who is driven by his love for God and love for people.


I am writing this to introduce myself to the world of Design Conviction in hopes of sharing with you all a message of hope, resilience, inspiration, and love. My hopes for writing are birthed out of a desire to share with you (wherever you are and in whatever situation that you may be in) that where you do not define who you are, as my life is living proof of this truth. I hope to share a message that reaches beyond the head and can connect with the heart.

In my youth, I made a series of decisions which impacts will be forever felt. However, I found that I may have done what I did, but I am not what I have done. We are all more than our worst mistakes, and there is life after our worst moments. I found that what appears to be the end is just a new beginning. What seems to be an obstacle is a new opportunity. What appears to be adversity is the embarking on a new adventure.

Before I was ever given a message to the minister, my life was a mess. On the outside, I appeared to have everything together. Yet in reality, my young life was falling apart more and more by the day. I was lost, hurting, confused, and misguided.

When I was younger, I was on an endless pursuit. Of what exactly I had the slightest clue. Trying to fit in when God made me to stand out. I sought through various avenues what I thought would fill the real void in my life of meaning, purpose, and acceptance.

That was until I found myself in a cold concrete cell in solitary confinement. Praying to a God that I didn't believe in let alone believed cared....that was until I experienced the true love of God.

Lord knows that I have come a long way from being that 17-year-old boy when I was first incarcerated. Now, at 30 years old I have learned that "A rich man's true riches rest not in quantity of money or material things he possesses but in the quality of relationships that he has."

I have experienced the depths of defeat, the heartbreak of loss, and the regret of missed opportunities in my life but I have refused to be defined by them. Undoing the wrongs of my youth may be impossible but through the grace of God I have been given the platforms and a voice to prevent others from perpetuating the same cycles of internalized oppression that lead to myself and many of my friends to prison.

I am more than my accolades and accomplishments, more than my faults and my flaws. I am more than a conqueror. It wasn't until I was convicted that I found true CONVICTION.

This is only the beginning!

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You can contact me at:

Cyril Walrond 309756


Stafford Creek Correction Center

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen, Wa 98520



Cyril Walrond D.O.C #309756



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