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Jul 14

Andre D Lettebre

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Edited: Aug 17






Note: We are not a penpal website, to contact the listed individuals you must be 18 years or older and do your own research


Andre D. Lettebre

C/O 02897078 (USP Atlanta)

P.O. Box 150160

Atlanta, GA 30315


33 years old at heart, 57 years old in wisdom (and stupidity). Just graduated from my business class(s) but have more to go for in my business opportunities in Colorado. I love midnight picnics but it has been a long time since I took a lady on one during a summertime candle-lit area with finger food and wine but I still have a bit of post-conviction action(s) to litigate in a bank robbery verdict and a weapons charge verdict; In a Kangaroo act and a court screw-me in which the government and private corporation(s) had illegally placed a tracking and a a transmitting/ receiving technology (experimental) in my body.

Once I learned about it and almost lost my mind to it, The SWAT team in Beaumont Texas, attempted to execute me when they realized I knew their action(s). No charges were filled in-order to cover up the action and illegally incacerate me in the administrative maximum in Florence Colorado (The Alcatraz of the Rockies) then hit me with some bio-electronics created by Dr. John Hall in a form of behavioral modification (experimental) technology utilized upon myself and Americans across the country. Patriots who have not submitted to the global agenda of the Bilderberg and the big pharma cartels pill agenda that works in a cyber-senetic tech producing a number of effects from bi-polar to delusional thinking in order to sell the vast amount of psychotropics to the American people as they are distracted by the phones.

So if you would like to be friends and help me investigate legal issues, and just have time together and see if it goes to something higher, sweeter and plans for the future, write to me. I need some friends, and we can learn together about each other’s dreams.

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