Taylor Conley

It's hard to put into words and sum up who I am, I am defined as a convict? Convicted of aggravated murder sentenced to die in prison? 

How about a self-taught artist having spent the past 13 years refining the craft through multimedia such as drawing, painting, and written art. 

What about being a certified behavioral adjustment trainer instructor CBT for short specializing in working with rescue dogs that are victims of abuse. 

I've completed three college certificates through Peninsula College and small business management. Also, I am getting close to achieving my bachelor's degree in theology through Shalom Bible College. 

I'm the founder of Designed Conviction. We have a record label which just released our debut single which I wrote "Walk the Line" with Caleb Tidwell on the track, but that's not all. We have an album currently in production with Greenlight studios the free Taylor project which was initially conceived in a Washington state prison. I wrote the songs along with the help of Caleb. I produced him performing the songs now five years later we connected back up and just finished recording the album which will hopefully be released later this summer. 

Designed conviction is about more than just music. We are also a publisher. We just recently sent out our first edition of INSIDE Designed Conviction the magazine which will be followed up by Outside Designed Conviction the magazine. Soon my book will be coming out: A convicted entrepreneur. 

Soon we will be starting our podcast focused on the issue of sentencing people to life in prison. 

The other thing I am involved with is Toastmasters something I truly enjoy, and I've learned so much from and through participating in I've grown a lot as I was recently elected to be the president of New Horizons Toastmasters club. 

Does that make up a bio of who I am?. I'm a man who has traveled down many paths along this journey in life a lot of them the wrong ones which landed me in a bad place at the age of 15. I was sent to a behavioral modification program in Mexico and then when that didn't work out a harsher program in Jamaica called Tranquility Bay the conditions of which were so horribly abusive in nature that these programs were shut down. Later I was in these programs for over a year when I returned. I ended up kicked out on the streets at 16, then at the age of 20 in 2006. I was arrested on charges of aggravated murder. The highest crime on the books I have maintained my innocence of this crime and was found guilty at trial in 2008. 

While being represented at trial by a court-appointed attorney and then again on appeal, I also had a court-appointed attorney, neither of which gave me a proper defense.


Regardless of my innocence to the crime of aggravated murder, I still feel remorse for all that has happened to people. 

The person I was then was not a good person. I don't blame anybody but myself for putting myself in this situation. Having said that I also believe in redemption and that people, especially young people who have been through a lot as a youth, deserve a chance for redemption. I've grown up become a husband and the man I am today is not the kid I was when I came to prison. 

I have done so much, and I'm just getting started because I feel my story and my life can have an impact on kids who are like how I was and could be an inspiration to others like me that no matter how bad things are good can still be achieved.  

We can still find our way through anything.

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