Song part of album "Life without parole" by Taylor Conley, Founder of Designed Conviction.


The music that I made was something that I have always wanted to do. I have wrote poetry and songs for along time since I was a teenager. and have always wanted to bring my lyrics to life with music and finally I had the chance.

Last year I  was able to get into a music program with some talented musicians and have access to a studio. I had about 9 months in which I was able to learn how to actually put the lyrics into music. it was much more challenging than I ever expected. I also had to learn how to use all the equipment to produce the music. I had some help from friends who contributed in different ways but I produced, wrote, sang and played in all the songs.

The title of the Album is “Life without parole” as I am a man serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for which I am innocent of the crime I was convicted. I am going deep into what I have been through and how I have changed. This is vintage prison folk art at its finest,  it was all written produced and played in prison and the music program is now shutdown so making future music in here won't be possible.

I am living proof to the testament of change, coming from such an ugly existence like a flower growing out of iron and concrete. so let my works speak for themselves and my actions speak louder than words.

It began with my heart is on the line, as what I was initially inspired to do was to make a song for my girl, it is a very personal song since it was me putting my heart on the line and how I really got her; there are a couple of additional romantic songs where I explore all sides of me as at heart I am truly a romantic, these songs are dedicated to my beautiful wonderful wife who inspires me in so many ways to go for my dreams and to not settle for less to not be mediocre, not letting  the bounds of my physical limitations limit my potential. It is difficult to find the words to express all the things this woman has done for me in so many ways and to experience real true love,  to be with the person that you are meant for, changes you in such a way that everything in life works and flows. don't get me wrong things aren't always perfect but everything always works out.

My life is a perfect example of overcoming adversity against all odds to find success. I won't stop I won't give up. anything that comes from this is going to go towards my lawyer. Time is on my side and I have God in my corner along with a lot of family and friends who support me.

We need criminal Justice reform rather than just locking people up and throwing away the key. Here I am to let my voice be heard, a man locked away in the lost vault of time. I am not just a convict, I am still human a person, with real feelings and emotions so here is an in depth look at me in different lights.

These Eyes

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