My Book of Life by Gustavo Trevino Jr

I just opened up my book, and took a look at this one page At a young age, I was shining brighter than the sun’s rays I’d study through the weekend to win that spelling bee on Monday Hoppin I’d grow up to be somebody one day But damn things change, seventh grade was all about gunplay Too young to buy one so it was B & E for your gun safe Broken promises like mom don’t worry I’ma stop someday Find some way to get up out this unsafe hood that none say good things about And I think about a lot of stuff during times like this I was acting blind with my mind And committing crimes on drugs is a bad mixture I lost sight of my dreams and lost sight of my bigger picture Now I’m in a cell with a Bible the Holy Scripture Trying to change my life so I don’t go back to the trigger Cause one squeeze has momma on her knees, begging the Lord please Please bring my son back I’ll clean up his closet of all the drugs and the gun rack I can’t lose him yet Lord he just got out of prison But regardless, God’s got a plan full of force on a mission So momma can beg and cry but still this prayer remains distant And He ain’t going to listen Don’t get me wrong, I pray to God and am a solid Christian But I’m still washing clothes in the same pot that I piss in Wishing I could eat, but got to wait for police To come get us, so to pass the time I sleep Trying to escape in a dream but it seems all I’m catching is nightmares And the night air is no joke It’s so cold, you fight for warmth but Mother Nature don’t fight fair Old homies don’t give a damn, well some of them might care But that’s rare I learnt that God and family’s the only ones that are right there...

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