Changing the narrative of incarceration

Hello, and welcome friends and family If you have heard our podcast, the Life of a Lifer, you'll recognize the opening; Designed Conviction is just that, a community of friends and family. Our mission is to bridge the gap between incarceration and the outside world. We are a brand that stands for giving a voice to the forgotten. Many men and women are using the time they are incarcerated to do something positive, and it is our vision to shine a light on those works. One of our themes being "Art changes lives". There are many ways you can interact and support the cause. Please take a look at our network of content: You can view exceptional works of art in various forms, read fascinating articles, and stories of change and progress on There is music to stream and videos to view at Designed Conviction's Youtube Channel. We have original wear designed with conviction, get yours and support the cause. Visit our shop to find out more.

Or, if you want help to bring your big idea to life, book your free consultation, and get 20% off on our services by using promo code Art Changes Lives. Book a Call

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