Art, Magic & Mastery by Taylor Conley

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Creating art is something that comes from the soul, from within. From divine inspiration.

It is as if the pen is moving with a spirit, with a cause, the lyrics flowing from where?

From the spirit within, from the happiness, from the pain, from the sadness, from the heart; From conviction... from love, from loss.

Is the talent given, is it crafted?

Are you born with it?

Is it those connected to the spirit within who cultivate this talent?

Are we all able to develop such talent? Or is there such a divine calling so rare, we must be destined to achieve greatness?

Tapping into your inner potential first starts with tapping into your inner spirit.

Becoming one with the divine kingdom within your heart letting the spirit guide you whatever your art may be, It is the expression of your true inner spirit; those who are able to channel that connection is capable of creating the most remarkable an breathtaking works of art.

whether it may be in the form of drawing, great visual art, painting masterpieces, sculpting radiating statutes or play angelic notes of music with harmonizing vocals that send a tingle through your body as the melody sings to the very cords in one's heart.

Does it take time, energy, dedication, repetition, that is to say patience; such a virtue that the rare few who have the patience to put in the time, to practice the repetition ( the thousands of hours harnessing the divine spirit within one's soul to project such beautiful arts.) they are the ones who capture the essence, the magic. They have been able to cultivate the spirit within, the living spirit to bring to life the art, art with so much feeling it is like it is living in and of itself.

This mastery of art is something only a rare few achieve while many spend a lifetime in the pursuit to attain it.

So many miss the spiritual nature of art, real art, the art that makes you feel; the feeling that moves you in some way. You may come close but not achieve this oneness when you are not at peace yet. How is it that so many great works of art are drawn from sadness, and pain, because often times those emotions take us inside, allow us to connect to our spirit, our soul, those emotions bring us closer to the divine in some way as we find solace in the spirit.

So often it is through overcoming great hardship that we find our success, that we find our inspiration.

So few are able to connect, harness, and cultivate then channel all these into oneness. That is why so many who take the plunge into the depths get stuck inside and unable to bring it out. It takes strength from within, or they take some sort of mind-altering substance. Instead of focusing, connecting, with that true inner spirit and bringing it out.

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