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Art Contest February 2020

Thank you for all of you that voted! Below is the first place, wanna get the full list? We will be publishing the list on "Outside Designed Conviction The Magazine" on April!

First Place

J. Gallant, T.O.C.I. #624-283, 2001 E. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43608

The blood of a “Scoundrel’s”

By J. Gallant

Too many times, a prisoner loses his head and looks at the end result.

Please help end the solitary torture!

In the cruel confines of the dungeons of Lucasville, behind enemy lines, war is being waged, on the front lines, in combat against this despicable state, and it is an injustice.

The twisted text in the name of Ohio comradeship must report three crusades from the cage in 13 hours of solitary confinement. For once, this is the state where blood stains the walls of Jungeon and flows freely over the fifth floor.

On February 20, 2018, in the dungeons of the famous Lucasville prison in the J-3 Stalking Unit, the blood of the scoundrels flows free!

After months of this cage, and incitement and rage, a captive finally sucks up the call. The wounds suffered were heard on the shooting range, and the prisoners screamed in a roar. As a signal, it was made for the coming brigade, the sticks of revenge were thrown away. The shouts and screams shook the minds of the soldiers, while the captives endured the pain.

The way it was done, by a captive with blood, surely seeks to destroy.

This torture that they do, the select, and the few cause a man to compromise.

In the depths of this hell, where we prisoners dwell, the flames of madness burn.

A cage of this perdition, becomes a biosome and blooms in an unpleasant shade of grey...

Many times, a prisoner loses his head and looks at the end result. A scoundrel lies there while begging and praying in a pool of his death—thundering probes, rumbling floors, as if one of them were finally bleeding.

A year of abuse plus the fear of reprimand ends in applause.

To the captives in the bay and the prisoners in the cage, this one goes to you.

A victory for one is a victory for all, no matter who calls.

The torture will end, I promise you, my friend, no more calls will be made.


I write from the Lucasville Dungenous Cages of Lonely Torture. We, the captives of Lucasville, continue to endure the vicious attack of the cage gadget, its daily infections and the daily dose of poison... when will the elite of society realize that we will never tolerate this siege?