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King Guru Da Legend

Overview of the Project 

Wilberto Belardo "King Guru"  is an incarcerated author with best selling books such as "Pretty Girls Love Bad Boys", Although he have been having great success inside the walls, he has been eager to get his book out to the general public. 

The Website 

Guru reached out to us seeking for an affordable but high quality website to showcase his current and future books. A website that will also allow him express himself to the rest of the world.

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Wilberto Belardo

King Guru, Author, kinggurudalegend.com

Designed Conviction is the real deal! I have to say, in all of my time networking and doing business with outside services while I've been incarcerated, this company has the absolute best customer service. Hands down, the quality of their work is A1!!! Designed Conviction did my website and every single person who has commented on it has given it top of the line reviews! Designed Conviction is a one stop shop for all incarcerated business men. If you've ever wanted to start a business from behind bars Designed Conviction is the only company you need to talk to. I'm working with them on graphic designs, book publishing, social media management and advertisements and they don't miss not one beat! Word is bond, I'm impressed!