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Insightfully Urban

Overview of the Project 

Lamar Walker, an incarcerated artist came with a dream, the launch of his brand: Insightfully Urban is a site to focus on two key elements. Entertainment and Education.

Insightfully Urban is a platform that not only showcases his books, but allows him to reach outside the walls. 

The Book Cover

Lamar initially reached out to us to help him design his latest book cover, Post traumatic II, of the Post Traumatic Series

The Website 

Once his book was launched, we proceed to help him create a fully managed website for his new platform, a website that has the capability to get subscribers and share his thoughts with the word. 

Social Media

Fully managed twitter account, getting an average of 12k monthly impressions and a total of 781 followers within 2 months of account creation. 

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Lamar L. Walker

Author, InsightfullyUrban.com 

Something I personally like most about Design Conviction is that they are a One Stop Shop. Graphic arts, web design, multimedia marketing and more. I no longer have to scramble around the Internet trying to find the right people to get different things done.

Design Conviction are the right people. Their level of professionalism affords my family the confidense needed to finacially support my vision. Prices are affordable. And most of all, my liaison has made me feel connected to my work. For people in my position, Design Coviction is an absolute godsend... Peace.