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by Taylor Tom Conley

The must have step by step guide for the entrepreneur that is behind bars. However this book will give anybody all that they need to go into business, but more than that, have success! Jam packed with the pathway to success for anybody who wants it. It's yours for the taking. You’ll find it all here along with a list of some very useful resources, as well as examples of a real business plan and my actual resume.

On the road of life we are on a continual path of growth. There are periods of calm and times of hardship. Use what you learn here to make it through all these times and still end up with the winning hand.

This is coming from someone who has overcome many hurdles and obstacles like no other. Serving a life sentence in prison and still being able to be successful. If that is not inspiration I just don't know what is. If I can do it, you definitely can.

From nothing, to building a legitimate business, finding happiness, having success. The road is laid out for you here; all you have to do is get on it. From doing your business plan, to getting your license. To webpage development, marketing, social media, and much more. You'll find it all here, what are you waiting for....

I hope this small glimpse into the prison world helps you better understand a few things about us and some of our acquired vocabulary. If this book leaves you hungry for more, then prepare for an interesting read. 

My journey to the Washington State Penitentiary as a young boy. This book called "The Other Side of The Game" which is a reflection upon my past and being prison bound because of my choices. you'll walk in the shoes of a boy stepping on board the prison hound and learn drastic changes and experiences prison has offered. 

Written by first hand experience by Will Malicoat and published by Designed Conviction Publications.

by Will Malicoat

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