We are a social enterprise whose aim is to help incarcerated individuals rehabilitate through art, to improve their lives by "unlocking" a platform for them to share their talent. We are here to make a difference by helping those individuals make a positive impact on the population in prisons as well as their communities and to reduce the rate of recidivism. 

"Prison Art", is at times, limited to a piece of paper and a flexible ballpoint pen, this requires a significant amount of talent, patience and skill. By showing the disenfranchised that they have value and worth we can reward them by giving the credit their artwork deserves. This helps boost their moral, inspires them to be creative, instills positive reinforcement, and provides a stepping stone for them to pursue positive outlets.


Founded in June 2018 by Taylor Conley, a man serving life in prison, with the help of his wife, Cecilia, family and friends.

Designed Conviction has become a beacon for artistic men and women who are incarcerated across the United States, to show their talents.


Thank you for your interest!

If you believe in this project there are many ways that you can contribute.

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